Rachel Rayne


Rachel Rayne

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Local Hood:


Favorite Terrain to Skate:

Sketchy, fast, techy, scenic, love ditches, parks, and bowls.


I love a pretty broad amplitude of music, a few favorites would be: classical rock, reggae, bluegrass, and anything with a good beat to dance to. (including a bit of country 2-steppin)

Favorite Food:

I LOVE all breakfast foods, and sushi

Favorite Beer:

Texas brewed Shiner Bock! mmmmyes

Favorite Book:

All my books on nature survival skills take the win.


None of my own at the moment, but I would love a parrot, snake, and weedy sea dragon one day..


A beautiful day, and the drive to conquer but never quit.


No Fear

Turn Ons:

Smiles and laughter, RESPECT, guns, anything with wheels and goes fast, muscle cars, guys who open doors, and of course adrenaline.

Date of Birth:


Place of Orgin:

Houston, Texas born and raised

Words Of Wisdom:

Set your goals high and reach them, by never taking No for an answer. Believing in yourself, putting forth the effort and never quitting makes you a winner.

Turn Offs:

Poor sportsmanship, judgmental and wasteful people, guys who take longer than me to get ready, and really hard to hangout with people who don't like the outdoors and camping.

Future Plans:

Travel and skate as often as possible for as long as I can. Eventually move to NorCal for the hills!