Place of Orgin:

LA, California

Date of Birth:



Pool Ripper

Future Plans:

To raise my child the best I can...and skate as much as possible.

Words of Wisdom:

Grind a pool and keep skateboarding

Turn Ons / Offs:

My turn off would be...Being hurt. Turn on would be...Being healthy


My Future Family


I own a Possum named preshus


I fear hanging up on a backside D and slamming into the bottom of a pool

Favorite Book:

I like to read Thrasher, that's my book of choice

Favorite Food:

I like French Fries

Favorite Beer:

Budwieser is my favorite.


Jimmy Hendrix, Randy Roads with Ozzy

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

Back Yard Pools but right now my favorite spot to sk8 would be Culver City Sk8 Park in LA. The Pool is Sick

Local Hood:

Crenshaw, Ca.