Date of Birth:

March 8, 1988

Local Hood:


Favorite Terrain to Skate:

That changes on the daily, sometimes wood ,sometimes concrete, some street some transition. Couldn't only have one.


I dig pretty much all genres

Favorite Beer:

BUD ICE( it's gotta be the ice)

Favorite Food:

sushi for sure!

Favorite Book:

Haunted : the book is just out of control!


busted bones and germs


None, but I'd be down to get a pup.


Skating with all my homies.

Words of Wisdom:

Bbe humble, we can't all be rock stars.

Favorite Sector 9:

Gotta love the deepend Popsicle 8.25!

Future Plans:

Skate until I'm broken, then try and figure out how to stay in the industry!


To all the people and homies that support what I do. Sector9 of course and Chris Ediem with globe, Jeff and EG for always havin my back! The ice brotherhood, Oh and BUD ICE


It depends, I think munchies Martin is the funniest.

Place of Orgin:

Bborn in California, raised in Oregon!