Future Plans:

Representing my Team, Sector 9, that is very important to me because it is something that I love. I'm pretty motivated and focused on the sport and everything about it and I plan to travel to various competitions and work with my team.

Words of Wisdom:

To all the people and skaters who know the sport and what it feels to be mounted on a board and pumping downhill, be humble and very concentrated on the sport to move forward and progress.


My big motivation are the friends with whom I share the sport, and my family as my brother Jose Abrams "Cholo", was in an accident and cannot run again... he is now my big motivation.


poisonous animal's

Preferred S9 Skateboard:

Lacey & Daisy

Favorite Food:

creole food

Favorite Book:

concrete wave


fighting cocks

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

mountains and safe spots, dont skate a lot of traffic


techno, reggae

Favorite Beer:


Date of Birth:



Black Mamba

Place of Orgin:

Quebradillas P.R.

Local Hood:

Quebradillas Pueblo