Brendan Davidson


Brendan Davidson

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Favorite Food:

Pasta, mangos, peanuts and green tea all day


Chihuahua named Tiger, shes a good pup


I like finding and listening to music i've never heard before. Never been stoked on country or really commercial music though, but almost anything other than that! Starting the day with some Big L is always good.

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

Anything, but steep and windy especially. The hills of Vernon BC.

Local Hood:

Coldstream BC

Place of Orgin:

Vernon BC

Date of Birth:

January 16 1995


Not sure if i have one, but some people call me Bren or B Davi

Turn Off's:

high school drama, makeup, bananas and pollution

Words of Wisdom:

Keep it real! Live the way you want to live.

Preferred S9 Skateboard:

been enjoying my time with the Brandy!

Turn On's:

smiles, good weather, simple girls


Making the most out of life, and enjoying the time we have.

Future Plans:

Meet new people and have fun on my skateboard! Stoked to be apart of the Sector 9 family.