Jensen Callaway


Jensen Callaway

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My Parents, Some of my friends and peers, knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow


Female Pitbull Pebbles N two Chihuahuas N a fish

Favorite Book:

The Art of War the few books ive read but i suggest reading it !! now!!

Favorite Food:

Buffalo Chicken n blue cheese hmmm hmmm


All Kinds Of Weird stuff, Reggae, Hip-hop, Rap, Folk, Old Rock, i Love all of it

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

Local Jupiter Park, Mini ramps, i love it all

Preferred S9 Skateboard:

7.75 McShredder

Local Hood:

Palm Beach County Florida

Place of Origin:

My Moms belly


turtle, jimmy, jnug



When not surfing:

skating, fishing, spearfishing ,hanging with friends n family


Heights, Spiders

Turn On's:

chicks , good waves hah

Negatives you see in the sport:

judging! ya, all that stuff.

Turn Off's:

Litering, rude people, florida flatness

Words Of Wisdom:

stay focused and have fun!! you live once no regrets!!!

Future Plans:

surf as long as i can!!! and life a good life and have fun, thanks everyone who makes it possible!!