Favorite Book:

The Skate Park Guide

Date of Birth:


Future Plans:

I am getting ready to start filming for the next Sector9 video and I look forward to taking more pictures of our riders.

Place of Orgin:

Temecula, Ca.



Words of Wisdom:

Just go out skate skate what ever is in front of you. When I first started skating there where hardly any skate parks. The curb in front of your house was the skate park. And try riding different boards, don't ride what your friend is telling you ride, Ride what you want.

Turn Ons / Offs:

Turn ons would be open minded people. My Turn off would be any one who judges you at first look.


My motivation is to get kids skating more that just one discipline. You need to be able to skate all types of terrain. Now a days you need to be an all around skater. Any can be good at just one thing.


The only thing I really fear is fear its self, you know what I mean? You must have confidence at all times.


I have a dog named Pivit and I am an uncle to Sid Dog the one in the BombHills Video.

Favorite Beer:

Because U deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly. The King.


I like everything, Classical, Punk Rock Blues, Reggae Hank III just no hip hop killing gangster crap.

Favorite Food:

My Moms home made tacos. They are the best by far.

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

I like to skate everything. I have really been getting in to racing and sliding. But I grew up in the parks and on the streets.

Local Hood:

Encinitas, Ca. Moonlight Beach!