Biggest Influenes:

My older brothers always had skateboards hanging around the house so I just started to use them as soon as i leanrt to walk. I was later attracted to surfing after my confidence in the waves grew.

What's Bevo all about:

Im a loyal domesticated gyspy, who loves to cook and clean and hang out with my family. I hug trees, talk to animals, and love dancing almost as much as surfing. I am most happy when the sun is hot and shinning and im playing at the beach in my bikini with my mates.

Local Hood:

Western Oz and now Oceanside, Ca.

Favorite Terrain to Skate:

Banks and mini ramps, especially the one in my backyard.

Best moment in Surfing:

Winning the Pipeline Pro.

Favorite Music:

Every single kind of music you could hope for, but mostly love songs and disco beats.

Favorite Food:


Favorite Wave:

Favorite wave is Pipeline.

Date of Birth:

29 January 1983



Place of Origin:

Perth, Australia