Date Of Birth:
Place Of Origin:
Palos Verders, California
Local Hood:
Redondo Beach, California
Preferred Sector9 Skateboard:
The New Vagabond or a Bamboo mini
Favorite Terrain To Skate:
to and from the beach via a smooth wide hill (I wish it could be downhill both ways!)
Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead, my friend Kyla Langen
Favorite Beer:
it varies, when Im at home I enjoy IPAs usually, anything really hoppy, but im also into Belgian Ales like Chimay. On a trip, the light refreshing local variety will work too.
Favorite Food:
Mexican! Adobada burritos with Habanero salsa and chips and guacamole
Favorite Book:
The Time Travelers Wife, Life of Pi, and anything by Tom Robbins or Vonnegut
my parents have a golden retriever named Chula that I can claim
paralysis, failure
to live up to my potential
Turn On/offs:
Ons: World travel. Offs: arrogance.
Words Of Wisdom:
The whole world exists within your mind. You decide what it looks like and how it makes you feel. Happiness is a choice.
Future Plans:
to decide on a future plan. In the meantime Im exploring all options while going back to school to get my MBA.