Much like the ascending Koonyum Sun ushers in a new day in New South Wales, the record of the same name by world son Xavier Rudd carries a similar aura of refreshment, of rebirth.

His musical output has always kept a consistent focal point, surrounding which is an ever-expanding pool of musical and spiritual influence that grows with each release. Koonyum Sun is the culmination of where Rudd wants to be musically, and along with Inzintaba, he’s ready to make his music mobile once again. “I’ve never been more excited to tour,” he says, and his fans are undeniably ecstatic about his assertion.
Rudd believes his music is a gift from his ancestor’s and part of his journey is to share it and use it to connect with others. With Koonyum Sun, he’s poised to re-link with old and new listeners alike, and couldn’t be more eager. He says: “If they can feel that connection through my music, then I feel like I’ve truly given it my all.”