• All the Way to the Ocean

    A great Kids book about kids learning how our trash makes its way to the oceans and what they can do about it. Written by Joel Harper and Illustrated by Marq Spusta with a forward by Laird Hamilton. Available at http://www.allthewaytotheocean.com/

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  • Recycle Sector 9

    Here at Sector 9 we do our part in recycling anything and everything we can. This starts with the standard bottles, cans, paper etc. and continues with the recycling of our wood scraps to make things like bases for potted plants.

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  • Greensurg Wind Farm

    Here at Sector 9 we use wind to power our factory. This doesn't mean we have giant air turbines on top of our building. What it does mean is that we purchase wind energy credits from Native Energy that are submitted to the power company which in turn directs them to bring clean wind energy onto the grid to offset our power usage. This is something anybody can do. http://www.nativeenergy.com

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  • Lovecraft Bio Fuels

    Running a vehicle on Bio Fuel isn't just something from Back to the Future anymore. There's 2 Bio Fuel vehicles here at Sector 9 and they were converted here in California by Lovecraft Bio Fuels. Learn more about them and what you can do to drive a clean vehicle at their website. www.lovecraftbiofuels.com/

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