Saturday, June 21, 2008



World Cup Bowl Event At The GVR contest in Lake Forrest Etnies GvR is a one-of-a-kind skateboarding event that puts goofy footed skateboarders against their regular footed counterparts in the most action-packed hardcore Skate session witnessed by human eyes! The world's top pro skateboarders will be in attendance, throwing down all weekend long at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest in California. On Friday the World Cup put on a bowl event in the Skull bowl. Some of the best bowl riders in the world came to show there skills and take home the money. Jake Piasecki and Danny Tumia where in the same heat together and represented hard for Sector9. Danny had some fast lines and long smith grinds. The bowl was a big snake session but Jake Piasecki found some time to break off a couple big backside airs and some sick lines through the crowd of aggressive skaters. Jimmy the Greek is always one to watch. With his knowledge and bowl riding experience he owned the bowl. Tyler came out firing and put up some sick inverts and he even pulled out the Sean Pean, a crowd favorite..

The Masters event went off, with Hosoi back in the mix and Duane Peters just killing himself it was a show for all ages to watch and learn. There were a couple crazy crashes and some insane skating going down in the Masters Finals.

All the boys killed it and can't wait to skate this event next year...See you all at the next World Cup Event.

Pro Bowl Jam Final Overall Results
1 Kevin Kowalski
2 Nolan Johnson
3 Ben Raybourn
4 Tim Johnson
5 Michael O?Friel
6 Donovan Rice
7 Michael Brookman
8 Nolan Munroe
9 Rion Linderman
10 Jimmy The Greek Marcus

Goofy vs Regular Street Results
Regular Breaks the Tie - Cole Wins in Sudden Death Game of Skate