The Sector 9 team invades Australia and never lets the cooler run dry. Our main man Cartez came through with two new Volkswagen vans and we're off on a path of destruction. The goals are pretty simple: surf and skate everything we can get our feet into, stop by some shops, spread the love of Sector 9, and never let a smile leave your face. That last part isn’t hard to do when you’re traveling with such an eclectic crew of personalities. With us on this mission are Gavin Beschen, Mike Morrissey, Ricky Whitlock, and Jarrah Tutton. Add in Mr. U-turn Cartez, Scott the filmer, Jarrahs brother Dane and we’ve got a non stop hell raising bunch of dudes. First thing to do is get a cooler of beer going Australian style, right mate? The first few days are spent sampling some waves around Snapper and Burleigh then heading up to Noosa. We're not getting the waves we need up in there so we bomb through Brisbane with some down hill kids but the city just makes us strive to get back into the country. The waves get better when we get down to lovely little Byron Bay. There we link up with S9’s newest rider and legend Dave Rastovich. Rasta shows the crew some of his little surf nooks and then invites us over to his farm in the bush. We spend a lazy afternoon there swilling beers and playing music in Dave's teepee. It seemed everyone went away spiritually charged by nature after that session. We skate the Balina park and bomb some hills in the area and then head south to Coffs Harbor where its later Rasta and hello future niner Jake Sharpe. Rain sets in but Jake finds some fun waves for the crew to rip but Sydney is calling us so after a couple surfs and some fishing in Coffs we head off. Fifteen piss stops later we pull into Bondi Beach and get ready to tear up Jarrah's friends bar The White Revolver. There the surf team meets up with the downhill team and the true barbarians come out. The Sector 9 party goes off and long time rider Todd Ingram comes out to freestyle it up for the crew. How can we really fit a week long trip into a paragraph? We just can’t. So enjoy the pics and look back soon for a video with all the antics. Australia is awesome.