Home: San Clemente, CA

Home Break: Lower Trestles, but my favorite is Pipeline.

Years Painting: 20 professionally

Preferred Medium: Water-based paint pens

Influences: Salvador Dali, Rick Griffin, Chris Lundy, Ogden

Favorite subject to paint: Waves, sun, life

Favorite destination: Tahiti, Hawaii, Indo - anywhere with warm water and great waves

Worst trip: Peru – Waves were good, but being robbed of all my belongings, including my passport, became a problem! After bribing the officials, I was finally allowed to leave the country 2 weeks later…..

Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin

Words of Wisdom to upcoming artists: “It’s more than just art….most artists have the art part down. It’s everything else you have to master: business, social skills, integrity. That’s what you need to be successful.”

Gen Info on Life and Career: “It’s my job to make products look good for my clients, to paint wild paintings to inspire people and to satisfy my own imagination. It’s also my job to spend as much time with my family and most importantly, to surf everyday for the rest of my life! Living the Dream – that’s my job.”

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