Artist profile -

Home: San Diego, CA

Home Break: Charlie don’t surf

Years making art: 30

Preferred Medium: Pen and Ink

Influences: Jim Phillips, Vernon Courtland Johnson, Shepard Fairey, Saul Bass, Evan Hecox, Todd Francis, Derek Hess, Banksy, anyone doing what they believe in.

Favorite subject to draw: the natural world

Favorite destination: Sierra backcountry

Worst trip: cruising to Vegas solo in crushing heat, brutal 15 traffic, no AC, and no radio.

Favorite Music: changes all the time, but right now it’s between Augustus Pablo and the Black Keys

Words of Wisdom to upcoming artists: Get your hands dirty as early and often as possible. Push yourself to explore different mediums and styles. And lastly, remember that computers can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

Gen Info on Life and Career: Nathan Reifke was born a simple man. He enjoys art, nature, and the occasional adult beverage. After almost 6 years as an in house designer at Sector 9 he took an opportunity to help a sustainable clothing company called Mission Playground. In his free time he likes ridin’ bikes or spending an afternoon at the zoo. Approach with caution.

He now makes his home up in northern California where between shoveling snow and preparing to become a father he still cranks out some fine works of art.