Each season we endeavor to find an artist we can work with to do a series of boards with bring something new to the table, for our audience, at large. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the likes of Ian Jepson, Morning Breath, Ray Collins, David ‘Meggs’ Hooke in the past, and look forward to new collaborations in the future. This season we are proud to announce our Artist Series collaboration with Salty Timbers, a scrappy graphic manufacturer with an uncommon perspective. Founded in 2010 by multidisciplinary artist Nate Reifke, Salty Timbers builds upon the 17 years of illustration and design experience he stockpiled in the action sports  and outdoor markets. While working from a quiet part of the Northwest Sierras, he crafted these classic and timeless designs for Sector 9. This series finds inspiration from our wild surroundings, drizzled with a thick glaze of golden California sun over each board. We firmly believe these boards have something in them for everyone, from the mountains to the sea, and everywhere in between.