Adventure awaits with the new 2019 Fall Bamboo Series from Sector 9. While you or your friends might be living the #Vanlife, don’t let the journey stop there. Hop on the new Van Bamboozler or Macking Mini Lookout to explore the world while reducing your carbon footprint. That’s right, skating around town can reduce carbon emissions. #WOKE

Rider: Tia Blanco

VAN BAMBOOZLER: Are you living that perfectly Instagram-able #vanlife? Maybe you just live in a van down by river. Either way, you can appreciate the beauty of a classic ride, and we’re not just talking about the art on the new Van Bamboozler. This deck is perfect for just about any terrain you’re looking to traverse, from the park, to the corner store run, to the picturesque beach sunset perfectly suited for some deep, inspiring message about living life to the fullest and never giving up on your dreams. So ditch the sedentary life, and hop on the bandwa… Bamboozler for a solid skate experience.

MACKING MINI LOOKOUT: It’s perfect, onshore conditions, and it’s big, but it’s also small. Confused? It’s the Macking Mini Lookout. Despite being a smaller version of our best selling complete, the Lookout, this board still packs a punch. The shorter overall length and wheelbase make for a lighter board and a tighter turning radius, and therefore a more responsive ride. Couple that with the perfect sunset barrel from artist Nate Reifke and Bamboo & Maple Hybrid construction, and you’ve got shred stick for any occasion.