Thursday, October 12, 2017

Downhill Division: Louis Pilloni Pro

All you need is your helmet, gloves, and skateboard to have a good time on the hill. Louis Pilloni keeps it local and enjoys a run right in his backyard on his new Downhill Division Pro Model. Kick back, relax, and enjoy where the road takes you. For Louis, it tends to be downhill.

The Downhill Division Louis Pilloni Pro Board is 39.5” long by 9.75” wide with multiple wheelbases ranging from 26.00” to 28.25”. With a lightweight core sandwiched in-between triaxial fiberglass, this board is stiff and light. Concave is a blend of mirco-drop and rocker to lock your feet into place with a radial bump in the front to give you a built in foot-stop. Throw in a function kicktail and this board is fun no matter what speed you’re going. Setup with Gullwing LP Pro Reverse Trucks and 70mm 80a R.A.D. Glide so you can be shredding straight out of the box.

Rider: Louis Pilloni

Film: Jeff Budro / Brendan Carolin

Music: “My Friends” by Kayex