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Skate The Lake 2014

B4BC's 10th Annual Skate The Lake skateboard marathon is rolling out this weekend. Join us in Tahoe City on Friday for the kickoff party and then bright and early Saturday morning for the long push. All fundraising efforts benefit B4BC!


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The Danny and Tyler Show: Tactics Contest

The show hit the Tactics contest up at the new park in Eugene a couple weekends ago. Riders had to skate the bowl and street to get a score. Danny walked away with 7th and Tyler got 10th, and to top it off they got a couple tricks on Thrasher.

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New Music Tuesday #80 - Those Darlins

Last Sunday night we ran head on into Those Darlins at a gig. They came in hot, as they are currently ripping up the countryside in support of their latest release, ‘Blur the Line’. The tough and seductive set had us swaying to their swing rock and roll. Then, before we could ask for their number, they were gone. Next time Darlins.

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Cami Skates the Best Coast

Cami Best came to cruise the best coast for a few weeks, so we connected with her in Balboa Park for some flatground funkiness.

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Downhill Division: Northwest Conquest

The Downhill Division is in the thick of it in the Northwest. With no more than sleeping bags and tents to rest their bodies they are still relentless. New hills, new sights, and a lake full of fun; look out for the crew this weekend at Cathalamat! Flip through the entire photo album here!

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New Music Tuesday #79: Diarrhea Planet - "Spooners"

The band with the name you love to hate, Diarrhea Planet, are back with a free track from the folks at Adult Swim Singles. "Spooners" is a another guitar overloaded, sweaty shredder, from the Nashville six piece. Dramatic pauses and breakdowns included. Make sure to smash up to San Diego’s Soda Bar with us on Aug 10th. Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday.

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iNi Team tRip

Ripping around the west coast is done best with skateboards and good friends. The iNi Cooperative gathered the best of both worlds and took Elijah Anderson, Shaun Ross, and the rest of the iNi crew on their first team roadtrip.

iNi 2014 Team Trip from Jacob Nunez on Vimeo.

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Joel Tudor, Stylistic Subtleties

The elegance that Joel Tudor displays on a longboard is unmatched. His deep understanding of the ocean and his board provides him the iconic style he is known for. Sit back, relax, and watch a master at work.

Joel. from Adam Burns on Vimeo.

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Extremsportveko Raw Run

Voss, Norway is the setting, Extremsportveko is the event, Erik Lundberg & Matt Kienzle are the riders, speed is the goal...

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New Music Tuesday #78: The Growler's - Good Advice

California gypsy-rockers, The Growlers, debut their new very summer styled single “Good Advice” on Noisey today. The 5-piece return with the jam-folk sing along that should get all the hipster kids' boots shuffling in the sand. ‘Chinese Fountain’ comes out September 23rd on Everloving Records.