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Chance Gaul Victorious Again

Chance Gaul must have a closet full of over-sized checks by now. The 16 year old downhill sensation claimed yet another podium over the weekend in Colorado at the inaugural Pike's Peak Downhill.

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East Coast Surfing Championships 2013

Virginia Beach is for lovers, and home of the oldest surf contest in America. The East Coast Surfing Championships is the pride of the right coast, and our surf team was stoked to be there. Thanks to Coastal EdgeVans, and all those really nice kids.

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Tattoosday #48 - Mailman Rick

If you are lucky enough to have this guy as your mailman then you know how rad he is. Mailman Rick has been a friend of ours for many years and we are honored to have some real-estate on his forearm amongst his legendary San Diego tattoo.

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Tattoosday #47 - Seth Holster

Seth Holster is our kind of dude; skateboarding, tattoos, and punk rock.  And getting a tattoo of a tattoo?  That might take the cake for the most creative Tattoosday yet!

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Tattoosday #46 - Brandon Szewc

When you decide what your first tattoo is going to be its a big decision. Brandon Szewc made the right one. 9-ball for life!

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Tattoosday #45 - Elygh Stein

Elygh is a proud New Jerseyan and a proud 9er. He has covered most of the state on his Sector 9 but always returns to the 9-ball which marks his hometown.

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U.S. Open: Kids These Days

There are 3 things you need to go to the beach, your cell phone, free energy drinks, and your twitter handle written on your chest. Well not really but that sure is what it looked like this weekend at the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Though most may not have noticed there was world class surfing and skateboarding happening amongst all the kids looking for a midsummer make out. It was great seeing all the dusty 9ers, and congratulations to Brazil’s Alejo Muniz for defeating California’s Kolohe Andino in the final and winning $100,000. That’s a lot of energy drinks.

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Tattoosday #44 - Vita

Ever wish you could just keep wearing your Sector 9 socks forever? Well our friend Vita did exactly that... one ankle, two 9-balls, full commitment!