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Kyle Thiermann is a Maker

Surfing Mag featured wave maker and wave rider Kyle Thiermann in this week's Makers series. Kyle is a pro on the board but also takes his passion for the ocean to the masses. Check out Surfing For Change to really see what Kyle is up to and the positive things he's doing to help us all. Read the article here:

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What Does Balaram Stack Really Think About?

What really goes on in the head of a pro surfer? Stab Magazine wonders the same thing, so they climbed deep into the air-conditioned VIP lounge more commonly known as Balaram Stack's mind, and hung out for a few beers.

Read the interview:

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Ricky and Joel welcome a South Swell

From North County to Mainland, Joel Tudor and Ricky Whitlock trim and drop through a recent South swell. See the Surfer feature here.: 

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Jensen Callaway, A New Path

Jensen Callaway has done it all in the world of surfing. He has toured the world, competed against the best, and ridden for the industries top companies. However he now follows a different path from his hometown of Jupiter; a rewarding path that allows him to support his local community.

See the full interview from The Atlantic Current here:

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Helles On Wheels

Ricky Whitlock and Karl Strauss Brewing Co. teamed up to create a collaboration libation that will be known as "Helles On Wheels". Starting in mid-May our joint effort will be available for a limited time at the Downtown San Diego Karl Strauss brew pub.

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The Long Game

Our own soft spoken, hard charging, California nomad Rusty Long talks with the X-Games, albeit quietly. Watch here for big waves and small egos.

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Balaram's Panama Recon

Sector 9 East Coast agent Balaram Stack and comrade Michael Dunphy execute a mission to Panama. View the recon below.

Island View from Thomas Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

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Product Guide: Striker

Somewhere between the surf and the streets is where the Striker makes its home. Easy cruising and aggressive carving is where this board shines. While pumping down the boardwalk you may find yourself dreaming of right-handers and tropical getaways.