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PHX AM Photo Recap

The Cowtown PHX AM is over... and we survived. Rad times with The Boys and our AZ fam. Here is Elijah Anderson with a smith grind over the key hole.

See the whole album here!:

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Tyler Martin on Thrasher's Hall of Meat

Yes you heard it right, Tyler gets served with a head bonk and Thrasher is there to immortalize it. And by the way he is fine.

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Mitchyl Ferris gets Super Barreled

Middle of the ocean with a GoPro and a super long shack. Long time supporter Mitchyl gets in deep.

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PHX AM This Weekend!

The Sector 9 Skate Team is loading up and shipping out! Come stop by the PHX AM Saturday and Sunday for some heavy skating and some standard Sector 9 shenanigans!

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Spyder Surf Fest 2013

This weekend the Spyder Surf Fest 6 is going down! Don't miss the afterparty at Waterman's!


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New Music Tuesday #21 - The Black Angels

Austin, Texas is one of the birthplaces of American psychedelic rock.  It started with Roky Erickson’s 13 Floor Elevators, but is now completely under the control of The Black Angels. We were lucky enough to see them in their hometown recently and their new record, ‘Indigo Meadow’, came out today!

Listen on the soundcloud, man….:

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Tattoosday #31 - A Perfect Example

The reason you get Sector 9 tattoos on the back of your arm is so all the people you skate past know what your riding. Here is a perfect example.

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Shano Finds a New Pool

Shane Allen the empty pool bloodhound pays homage with a tail block at sunset.  More photos here:

PHOTO: Localized Movement