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Tattoosday #15 - Aaron Isaac in The 808

We are proud to be sharing a shoulder with the 808 and Banksy... Aaron Isaac repping it hard for the 9! Thanks for the dermal donation bra... let us know when your ready for a Brandy tattoo!

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Sector 9 and GOPRO down Maryhill

Check the raw run of Niners going full bore down the beautiful curves of Maryhill. Makes you want to skate huh?

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Aidan Lynds Climbs the IGSA Rankings

Aidan Lynds, Sector 9 Wheel Team Rider, took a healthy first place in Monterreal, Mexico. His win in this IGSA sanctioned event helped to boost his ranking. Keep it up brother, and good luck through the rest of the race season!

"Event was good, crazy ass course with lots of dust on the road making it very inconsistent and slidy as hell."

-Aidan Lynds

Photo: Alysha Frizzell

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Jarrah Tutton Schralps!

You know how when you take someone back to a skate spot that you grew up shredding and its not nearly as cool as it used to be? Case in point with this one as Jarrah brings us to a little shred spot that would be great if we were 6 inches tall... He still had a barefoot session on it.