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Louis Pilloni & James Kelly Hit the Big Screen

Louis Pilloni, James Kelly, and director Marc McCrudden attended the X-Dance Film Festival last week in Salt Lake City, UT for the showing of 'DROP'. The film was accepted into the festival and later nominated for "Best Cinematography".

Louis and James trying to look like they have done this before... Congrats Boys!


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Bread Bowl Rules....

Where were you?...

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Bruce Walker - Guest Pro Model

Long time S9 supporter and real deal shredder, Bruce Walker,  just stoking!

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Jamie Meistrell, S9 supermodel....

Workin' on his dolphin belly on yet another beautiful LA day. Yeah its nice to be off for a couple of days, especially Tuesdays.

Meistrell post belly sun... shredding!!!

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Sector 9's Surf Expo Launch Party!

Come kick off Surf Expo with Sector 9, SSlater, and Sanuk tomorrow night!!  Beebs and Her Moneymakers will be providing the jams and S9 will be providing the good times! See you there...

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More Green, More George

Sector 9 Downhill Team Riders George Mackenzie, Scoot Smith, and Jackson Shapiera make an appearance in the final, final, part of the 'Greener Pastures' series. We love these guys.

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DROP Hits X-Dance - Lundberg & Pilloni Go Hollywood

 Louis Pilloni, Erik Lundberg, and James Kelly are heading back  to S.L.C.!  'DROP' hits the X-Dance Film Festival, a part of the Sundance Film Festival.  Check the trailer!

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Jackson Shapiera takes 3rd in the World!

Jacko gets 3rd at Hot Heels and finishes 3rd in the world! Congrats mate!