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Cory Juneau on Built to Shred

Here is an interview with Cory Juneau from his upcoming appearance on Built to Shred. Stoked on this kid!

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Sector 9 Night Sessions...

This is an old video but still a classic. Enjoy!

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Danny Tumia grabs 2nd at the Bonfire Pipe-to-Pipe

Danny Tumia took 2nd in the recent Bonfire 'Pipe-to-Pipe' pro. Congrats to Danny!

Photo: M. Goetz

Bonfire Snowboarding's 14th Annual Pipe To Pipe from Salomon Snowboards on Vimeo.

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Introducing the Downhill Division Helmet

Sector 9 is proud to announce our collaborative efforts with premier downhill helmet maker, Predator. This new Downhill Division jewel is one of the first ever production made helmets specifically designed with the higher speeds of downhill skateboarding in mind. It's available in three colors, so look for it at your local S9 supplier.

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Morrissey on Cote's Cube

Mike Morrissey's back is healed and the dude is shredding!!  Here he is with our favorite rock nerd Chris Cote on the legendary 'Cote's Cube'.

Check it:

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Attack of Danger Bay X

The Downhill Division road trips from San Diego to British Columbia, Canada for the 10th Annual Attack of Danger Bay. A week long festival of downhill skateboarding.

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Wu-Tang + Fugazi = Wugazi?!?!

CMJ has leaked the first track off the new "Wugazi" mash-up album.  Doomtree is releasing the Wu-Tang & Fugazi mash-up album July 13th. Check it out on CMJ here:

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Jon Steele goes home... This is Texas.

Sector 9 Family member and photog, Jon Steele, spent all last week at home in Texas doing exactly what you should be doing this weekend.  Its summer time, enjoy it!



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