Sector 9 Ozzy surfer Harrison Roach cruises through San Onofre, California on his way down to Sector 9 to meet up with crew.

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Surf Industry Night / Japan Disaster Relief Fundraiser

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Day's Work of Skating

  Oregon ripper, Ross Druckrey, came out for a day of skating in the California sun to the beats of 'A Day's Work' by P.O.S.

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N-Tense D Centz Sk8 Tour New Zealand

Over 12 days and 3072km, a crew of 12 skaters from all over piled into the Beach Bum Bus and departed from Auckland for a tour of the north and south islands of New Zealand. Stayed tuned to the Sector 9 Youtube account and for the coming episodes of the N-Tense D-Centz Tour. Special thanks to Joseph 'Speedy' Karchemeny for organizing the tour and Bodhi Vette for being an awesome tour guide.

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Transworld's Sector 9 Giveaway

We love the dudes from Transworld Surf, actually we really love their monthly model challenges. Everyone is in love these days. Love something. You could love that pen you’re writing with or a cute puppy but be sure to check out  Transworld 30 Days of Giveaways for a chance to win a  lovely Sector 9. 

Sector 9 founders, Steve Lake and Dennis Telfer, interviewed by Michael Brooke of ConcreteWave Magazine. Through hard work and dedication, Steve and Dennis, explain how Sector 9 became what it is today. Crank it up the audio is a bit weak.