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Guajataka Downhill 2011 Puerto Rico

This years action from the 2011 Guajataka Downhill Festive in Puerto Rico.

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Why Drive?

Save the planet and some cash. Skate when you can.

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Pepper just added to the 2011 Vans Warped Tour!


Sector 9 Rock Team members, Pepper, have just been added to the band list for the 2011 Vans Warped Tour!

Tour Dates:

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'Going Big' Bread Bowl Party

Last weekend Sector 9 hosted a party for the little grom ripper Cory Juneau. This kis is only 11 and he's already making moves and getting better every day! Check out the Photos from the party:

Da Boys....

Jake Piasecki still blasting backside airs.

Annie Sullivan getting her Feeble on.

Tyler Martin soars to the tune of the one and only Raw Helmet.

Jake Piasecki, inverted.

The Rockstar girls

Shaun Ross went absolutely mental, if you see him watch out because he's probably still on fire...

Danny Tumia's floaty frontside ollie.

Jake Piasecki, getting the shot!  Jake laid down one the biggest wallrides in Bread Bowl history!

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David Angelus Shredding His Home Turf

Photo by Alex Jaquez

Sector 9 ripper, David Angelus, is a rad guy who loves skateboarding. His message below says it all. To see more shredding by Dave check out this LINK

“This year is time to get sh*t done and I am on a mission. This is just the start of the gnar that is going to go down this year. I’m really wanting to push the sport that we love and show people what I am all about, which is having fun and shredding. The scene here is growing and there are a lot of kids that are getting stoked on riding. I decided on having a little contest here in town. A campus push race, and mini-ramp jam on my ramp, and a race to marble brewery for a bar tab. It should be a lot fun and i’ve told people and they are getting stoked. Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and the sky is the limit. Lets push things together buddy. My mind is set on it and there is nothing stopping me now. Tell everyone out there YEAH BUDDY for me and we’ll be talking soon. Much love and peace out.” – Dave Angelus