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Beach Town gets a taste of Sector 9...

A quick history lesson, tour, a Cinco de Mayo skate session in the Breadbowl, and the Pepper posse stops in for drink.

  The Sector 9 crew loads up into a bus to explore the local mountains with Ozzy Sector 9er Jackson Shapiera.

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Eric Geiselman gets Surfline's 'Punt of the Month'

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The inspiration for Walu International began when founder Zack Parker traveled to Lido, Papua New Guinea on a surf trip in November of 2007. Zack and his best friend Taylor, whom he was traveling with, had no way of contacting anyone in the village prior to their arrival and so arrived unannounced. They were greeted warmly and immediately brought into the home of a kind family. For a small fee the family provided them with food, laundry, and shelter. Zack and Taylor were the only tourists in Lido for the next 5 weeks. Throughout their stay, Zack was struck by Papua New Guinea's natural beauty and the extreme generosity and kindness of the native people. However, he was also dismayed by the lack of sanitation and prevalence of illness. People were sick, children were dying, and the community had no means by which to better their troubling situation. The villagers drank stagnant rainwater out of large, open containers, and used the beach as their toilet. This same beach was where the children played and the women fished. Zack and Taylor were originally in search of perfect and isolated surf, but ended up finding an impoverished village greatly in need of help and guidance. Today Walu International is helping spread knowledge about sanitation, health, surfing, and smiles all across the world!  Sector 9 is proud to be a supporter of such an incredible foundation.

Where's Walu?- A Walu International documentary by Surface Cinema from Walu International on Vimeo.

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Remembering the great MLK...

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Derek Dunfee - Down with the Ship

  On June 9th 2008, Derek Dunfee severely broke two bones in his leg while surfing Cloudbreak, a surf spot off Tavarua island in Fiji. Two days later Derek underwent surgery in San Diego California: eight screws and a titanium plate were installed into his leg. On November 30th 2008, 5 ½ months after Derek broke his leg, Derek caught the winning 2008/2009 Billabong XXL paddle in wave at Mavericks.This short film shows what happened in those 5 1/2 months leading up to Derek’s XXL winning wave. This film includes recent footage of Derek since his XXL win, and footage from this El Nino winter season. This film also showcases a big group of Derek’s friends who are currently pushing the limits of paddling into big waves. A film about Derek Dunfee and friends Art by Taylor Dunfee Edit+Animation by Ryan Broomberg 2010 SurferPoll Worst Wipeout Award Winner 2010 SurferPoll Heavy Water Nominee 2010 California Surf festival Best Short Documentary 

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South Bay Surf Series

Come on down to South Bay Surf Series presented by E.T. Entry Form available @ all shop sponsors &

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Happy 1/11/11!!!

Make a wish...