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Downhill Disco Raw Runs

The MuirSkate Downhill Disco is getting bigger each year and the tricks are following suit! Chance Gaul stomps a clean run with big tricks while Michelle Steilen mixes it up for the Niners by bringing her 8 wheel style to the course.

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Sam Stinnett Full Part

Have a look at Skim World Champ and 9er Sam Stinnett as he tackles any wave that gets close to shore. Beast mode!

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Oktoberfest Skim Championship

A few weeks back, two-time world skim champ Sam Stinnett, was pitted to defend his title against the best skimboarders in the world. The competition was fierce and the beach break was firing! Congrats to Sam for pulling out 3rd place and finishing 2nd globally... 3rd world title coming next season.

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Oktoberfest Skim Contest

This weekend top Sector 9 skim boarder Sam Stinnett will be battling for his 3rd consecutive World Championship. Get down to Newport and cheer on our Laguna boy as he goes for the hat trick!

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Sam Stinnett Claims Skimboarding World Title!

Sam massed enough points in Florida this weekend to seal the deal early and become the World Champ! Congrats kid!

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Welcome to New York

So he moved to LA... P. Conlon straight up. 

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Forget About It!!!

Joel Tudor and Clark Gracie on their way to grapple. S9 East Coast HQ... Bleecker St., NYC.

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9-Ball Truckin' For Life!

The Sector 9 bread truck  has overcome Sierra blizzards without chains, giant Mexican potholes the size of a moon craters, Montreal punker riots, and Santa Cruz all nighters. The machine has camped illegally in Yosemite, avoided the mafia in NYC, and has seen more rock shows than Rolling Stone.  It’s been around the USA twice, maybe more with all the u-turns.   This single truck has changed more lives than Mother Theresa. Today it returns to the 5 North as a beacon of glowing yellow light guiding you to the promise land...