Miles Long
Date of Birth:
August 16, 1981
Place of origin:
San Clemente, Ca.
Local Hood:
San Clemente, Puerto Escondido and various second homes around the world.
Preferred Sector 9:
Anything with Sidewinders.
Favorite terrain to skate:
I'm just a street cruiser.
A very eclectic variety, but a few favorites are Bob and Ziggy Marley, Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Jimi, The Doors, Miles Davis, Michael Franti, U2.
Favorite Beer:
That really depends on the climate, the colder the darker ya know, but most are beers made from a good water source. So here’s a short list…Steinlager, Coopers Pale from Oz, Kuntsman from South Chile, Chimay from Belgium, Bass, Guiness.
Favorite Book:
Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Mr. Nice, Jitterbug Perfume.
The U.S. Government continuing down the backwards path it has been on and leading the world into total in-balance and destruction. A planet that won’t be a nice place to exist in 50 years.
Living a healthy balanced life, Powerful Waves and Clean Oceans, Continual Progression in all forms.
Turn Ons / Offs:
On’s- positivity, intelligence, elevated consciousness, good food. Off’s- negativity, pollution, ignorance and arrogance.
Favorite Food:
Can’t really pick one favorite cause the taste buds change regularly, but quality organic fruits and veggies are an everyday thing. Thai, Sushi, Mexican and Italian are the 4 styles I enjoy most
Mr. Wally my 18-year-old cat and brother. Alma and Chile dogs. Foxy Roxy the off road wiener dog and Dirty Harry the fairy dog, but they just moved back to England with their mom. Long story…
Words of Wisdom:
Be Kind and Compassionate, Tread Lightly on this earth as much as possible. Stay Calm, Cool and Collected and most things will fall into place…Keep it simple.
Future Plans:
Build a home on my property in Mexico and live there a good portion of the year. Keep traveling the world and surfing in powerful waters.