A little about Dave:
Graceful, clean swooping turns with hints of style from past eras characterize Rasta’s approach to surfing. Don't be fooled though, there is more to him than meets the eye. His relaxed and pure approach to life on land often spills over into water life. Whether it be a thruster, single fin, twin fin, a wooden board or even a funky blow-up surf mat, to 'Rasta' it's all fun. Just like a musical instrument, each one giving their own sense of enjoyment, giving off their own 'sound'.
Born in New Zealand, Rasta moved to the Gold Coast at the age of six. Growing up, David was a dominant force in the water. He began his days as a lifesaving nipper. Winning surf carnivals with relative ease alongside friend Grant Hackett, who we now know as an Olympic swimming champion. But as he got older he moved into surfing and the Billabong Junior Series proved he had what it takes to go all the way. He won the U/16 World Grommet Champs in Bali and not long after joined the WQS. But he quickly learned that contest life wasn't for him. The lack of enjoyment and countless rules pushed 'Rasta' into the life he lives today. He gets paid to surf and film at exotic locations around the world without having the stress of the grueling contest circuit.
Rasta is also known for his alternate lifestyle, which includes daily yoga sessions and meditation. Due to his concern for our environment, he maintains his very own organic veggie garden, and is constantly working on ways to make surfboards more eco-friendly. When he’s not in the water he kicks back in the gardens of his beautiful home nestled away in the quiet northern NSW hills, which he tinkered with and extended with his own hands, a skill passed on from his father Dennis, a man of all trades.