Date of Birth:
July 21, 1970
Tojo, TJ, T bird, Retodd, Sweet T
Place of Orgin:
Born in N. Miami Beach but have been in Kona-ville since '77
Local Hood:
Neptune/Atlantic Beach and Kona Skatepark
Favorite Terrain to Skate:
Vertical trajectories make me happiest but most anything smooth and rolling
Preferred Sector 9 Skateboard:
The custom tojo shape; nose smaller than tail, deep concave, smooshed bullet shape, fat in the middle, square and concave tail
Favorite Beer:
Favorite Food:
Too much to list here but how about a pizza with everything on it?
Favorite Book:
The Sign for Drowning by Rachel Stolzman
Raymond and Witty the kittyz
All sounds from everywhere is music to my ears but for fast, aggessive skating: Bad Brains, Ramones, Flin Flon, etc.
Not learning what is important
The sun rising and my two boys
Words Of Wisdom:
Take it easy but take it!
Future Plans:
Marriage, travel and happiness