Date of Birth:
Feb 11, 1987
Place of Orgin:
Born in Mission, BC, Canada
Local Hood:
East Vancouver
Favorite Terrain to Skate:
Southern Californian Canyon Roads
My favorite type of music is live music. I like going out to check bands out that I’ve never heard before.
Favorite Beer:
Pilsner Old Style
Favorite Food:
Potatos! When I’ve got em I like to eat a whole plate before I start with anything else.
Little dogs scare me when im skating down hills. They might be small but there aggressive. Im also scared of falling asleep at big house partys.
Skateboarding is my passion. Meeting new people to skate with at home and all around the world.
Turn ons/offs :
ON: Girls with tattoos and play bass guitar. Off: Mean people.
Words of Wisdom:
Its not about who wins the race, its about who wins the party!
Future Plans:
Keep skating new spots traveling meeting new people. One day I want to get a crew and go explore the hills in Japan.
Favorite Human :
Neale Smith, hes a really rad guy and makes a bomb ceasar salad.