Date of Birth:
March 23, 1989
Wacko Jacko
Place of Orgin:
Sydney, Australia
Local Hood:
SCBS bitches 
Favorite Terrain to Skate:
Mt Keirra, and my local hood on the Northern Beaches, Sydney
Anything from progressive rock to some chilled beats. Love interesting melodies that catch on smooth and tunes I can really jam too.
Favorite Beer:
Tooheys Extra Dry.... mmmmmm that clean crisp taste. FORSTERS IS CAT'S PISS!
Favorite Food:
Jeeze where do i start? Im an eating machine... Seafood is tops, also dig the Italian style. But nothings better than a solid home cooked meal by mum or dad!
Favorite Book:
Im not much of a book reader, i'd prefer to see the movie
Dog, Rusty. He's an over-sized Jack Russle who hates everyone but me. I love him
Aeroplanes, surgery, and being stuck out in the open ocean.
To enjoy life and have fun wherever possible.
Turn ons/offs:
A sexy figure, nice eyes, good laugh. turn offs include - ex girlfriends, stupid annoying jokes, unadventurous people, and fat chicks 
Words of Wisdom:
If you do what you love, you love what you do. Everything Happens for a reason.
Future Plans:
Ride my wheelyboard as much as possible, and be the best at it. I want to continue to travel and skate/surf wherever i can, meeting rad people along the way.
Favorite Sector 9:
All the ladies in the 2010 line-up have been calling me non-stop, i cant pick which one i wanna ride! i might just have to ride them all...
Favorite Human :
My mum