Greensurg Wind Farm

The story of Greensburg

On May 4, 2007 a massive tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas, destroying 95% of the homes and leaving a path of devastation 2 miles wide. In the aftermath, the residents committed rebuilding as “the greenest town in America.”

To support the greening of Greensburg, NativeEnergy is extremely proud to offer you the exclusive opportunity to help build the new Greensburg Wind Farm. Your purchase of carbon emissions reductions helps build this exciting new project.

Your purchase also enables you to balance out your carbon footprint – the emissions from the energy you use to run your businesses, power your home, or travel.

Your purchase brings critical financing to this inspiring project, and you can say,

“I helped build the Greensburg Wind Farm!”

Greensburg Charter Supporters

Several of our clients, Greensburg Charter Supporters, made significant early offset purchases from the Greensburg project. Through our unique help build approach our clients and partners have helped build more than 30 new projects that fight global warming.

Charter Supporters include: Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Stonyfield Farm, Brighter Planet, Aveda, and Reverb. These Charter Supporters are joined by Clean Air – Cool Planet, an environmental non-profit partner of NativeEnergy, which is responsible for the permanent retirement of carbon reductions from the project.