Saturday, March 29, 2008



You might ask why Sector 9 would show up to a Mississippi mud bog? Good question. Sector 9's Rob and EG flew out there to be a part of our long time friend and avid S9er Hank Williams III?s music video.

Hank III and his Hellbilly buddies like to have a good time, and that?s exactly what it was; one part concert, one part monster truck mud bog, and a whole lot of parts redneck. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity! The event was held on a big piece of property in the beautiful Mississippi countryside. When we got there, we noticed other fans from all over the country had driven down in their mud trucks to put the fun in Hank III's dysfunctional family. There was a camping spot there that was pretty much an all day party zone.

Meanwhile, a stage was built out of hay bails, and the mud bog had been filled with water. The band played the song "The Devil Is My Friend" 5 times, and then it was time for the mud trucks and helicopter. The mud trucks were insane and definitely a highlight. No alternative fuel here, just real gas guzzlers. Damn, those things are loud and the crowd loved it. To top it off, Hank III grabbed me and a couple skateboards and we threw some bonelesses off the back of his truck into the mud.

Then it was on, as a full mud bath ensued. After a full day of filming and a whole lot a beers n? barbeque, the dysfunctional family got together to listen to Hank III sit on his guitar case and play his songs for us, as we all listened and passed the bottle. The sun set over the country side and we all sang along. Then, I think I fell over.

Thanks to the Hank III camp for an epic time and please check him out at