Monday, July 16, 2007



Biarritz, France. From local Pacific Beach ripper grommet to World Champ!
Longtime Sector 9er Jen Smith brought a world Championship back home to Crystal Pier.

This August at the Roxy ASP WWLC Jen defeated the worlds best in fun offshore sunny conditions. It was a well deserved win for Jen who placed 2nd at the event last year. Jen has been a standout in the water and in local and club contests up and down the coast since she was a little girl. Known for her smooth style and progressive moves Jen seems to have been preparing for this title as long as we can remember.

It couldn't of happened to a nicer girl too, Jen is also known to be smiling and making peoples day down at the family skate shop, Soul Grind where she helps the family business when she's not off nose riding around the world. Way to go Jen you deserve it!