Home: Ventura, California

Home Break: The Point

Years making art: Since wearing diapers.

Preferred Medium: Acrylic paint with markers and colored pencils on wood.

Influences: The ocean, outer space, ancient art and cultures, plant life, mid-century modern design, biology, Scotch?

Favorite subject to draw: Flawless barrels, tiki faces, big bold geometric shapes and patterns.

Favorite destination: Fiji or New Zealand... or Australia.

Worst trip: Stuck on a tiny boat with a French family getting tossed around for 1100 miles on the open ocean from the Kingdom of Tonga to New Zealand. 7-9 day sail turned into 21 days of hell where everything went wrong you could possible imagine. Thoughts of mutiny for sure. Good campfire story though.

Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin has to take it as all time greatest, but lately been hearing a lot of The Meters and Ernest Ranglin. Good groovy studio stuff.

Words of Wisdom to upcoming artists: Focus on developing a unique but versatile style first. Learn Photoshop and Illustrator so you can have control of how your art is presented online or on products... having at least some digital design knowledge will open a TON of doors. Throw away your TV. Make art... lots of it. Become a workaholic. Find a smart, sexy girl to do all your PR. You should be good to go.