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Guajataca 2014

Starting Thursday is the 8th annual Guajataca Downhill in Puerto Rico. The Sector 9 Downhill Division will be rolling thick to the island nation bringing the entire team including honorary member Victor E. Follow along with Victor through last year's adventure and look out for updates from the road!

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Meistrell Back on Top

Jamie Meistrell found his way back to the top of the podium over the weekend after a heated battle with last years' champ, Sean Burrell. These days Jamie mostly coaches kids to the top of the podium, well its great to see him take one. Congrats Jamie!

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Daniel Luna Covers Skate[Slate]

The Skate[Slate] photo annual has been released and features our hawaiian shirt aficionado, Daniel Luna, on the cover. Golden hour skating at its finest. Congrats Daniel!

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Banzai Barge

When they decided to do construction on the Banzai Skatepark back in November all of the locals were thrilled. That was up until they filled the bowl with dirt and let the park sit closed and dormant for months. Billy Fortier and Jon Steele could no longer sit by and watch, so they barged it... check the photos:

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Fall Lines with Tyler Gillingham

Fall for most people means the end of the skateboard season. Tyler Gillingham, Sector 9 Wheel Team rider, gets his lines before the Vancouver winter settles in.

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Jacko Thane Destroyer

Jackson Shapiera is an Aussie, a gentleman, adrenaline junkie, mustache grower, and to the dismay of skateboard wheels everywhere, a "Thane Destroyer"!  Watch him murder some urethane on a local Oz favorite.

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New Music Tuesday #53 - Happy Casbah Day!

Who would have thought 25 years of great underground rock n’ roll shows would land you a civic holiday? Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego has announced today, January 14th, as 'Casbah Day'. To celebrate, Sector 9 is a proud sponsor of “25 Years of the Casbah”. You should join us, it’s your civic duty.

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Oregon In The Flesh

Sector 9 Oregon riders Ross Druckrey and Harrison DePass take advantage of a cold, dry winter and do their thing on some Eugene, OR favorites.

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Sk8 Bus Escapes to CA

The PDX Sk8 Bus wasted no time packing Ross Druckrey, Troy "Turbo" Grenier, and the rest of boys in and heading south for some warmer weather. What better destination for some sunny parks and hills than Southern California?

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Product Guide: Steam Rollers

The Sector 9 Race Formula wheels just took a giant step in the monstrous direction... Introducing the Steam Rollers, the biggest hunk of urethane in the Sector 9 lineup. These beasts will man-handle any cracks you can throw in their path, maintain speed downhill and in the flats, and steam clean the asphalt with their predictable slides.