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New Music Tuesday #73: White Lung - "Down It Goes"

Vancouver’s White Lung pushes back against the boys with “Down It Goes”. The latest pummeling track off of Deep Fantasy is strong and sharp, just like the girls who bring it to you.

With summer now here, the jams can get sunnier. A perfect time to roll through this release from Burger Records, 'Love is The Law'. This is the latest album from stoner pop cruisers, The Memories, and can be seen live Wednesday at the Soda Bar. Cruisey!

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New Music Tuesday #71 - Young Old Man

This last Saturday we walked off the beach and into a dimly lit rock bar. As with many times before, we saw friends, musicians, and regulars. But we hadn’t met LA’s Runson Willis and his outfit, Young Old Man, yet. We have now. The dudes simply took over the room.

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New Music Tuesday #70: OBN III's - "No Time For The Blues"

Just in time for summer, Austin’s sweaty mess, OBN III’s drops their latest record today, 'Third Time To Harm'. The punk/garage outfit combines southern swing with an 80’s punk guitar charge that cooks up a super-fun swagger. The first single, “No Time For The Blues”, is soaked in Orville Bateman Neeley III's crazy front man charisma. Stream it and steam it here courtesy of TTT Records.

NY garage rock rulers, Parquet Courts, have released a second single off the upcoming 'Sunbathing Animal' LP, and it’s a cruiser. Different from their previous frantic-paced jams, “Instant Disassembly” is a slacker ballad complete with a lazy vocal and a slow, splintered, guitar lead. So sit down and zone out for a while, because this one stretches out at 7 minutes.

There is just something about a charging rhythm, a pretty voice, and a snarling guitar that gets us every time. Former Vivian Girl, Katy Goodman’s new project, La Sera gives us all that in aces. Spin the brutal breakup song, “Losing to the Dark” from Hardly Art Records below.

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New Music Tuesday #67: Dan Sartain - 'Dudesblood'

Our favorite Alabama greaser, Dan Sartain, is back with his most eclectic mix of punk and rockabilly with 'Dudesblood'. The new release is a raucous run of distorted guitars and slow burn blues, and you can stream the whole album here courtesy of One Little Indian Records.

This week’s jam fell out of the sky in the form of Dylan Baldi’s, Cloud Nothings. The first single, “I’m Not Part of Me” is a murky, hook laden combination of noise pop and post punk that makes you hit repeat. Their third album, 'Here and Nowhere Else', floats in on the Carpark label. You can hear the single below on Soundcloud. Soundcloud Nothings?