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New Music Tuesday #99 - Ruby The Hatchet

From Philadelphia comes the female fronted stoner rock of Ruby the Hatchet. Heavy riffs and slamming keys will bring you rolling down to the "Valley Of The Snake". Stream it here… and get it on TEE PEE Records.

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New Music Tuesday #98 - JEFF The Brotherhood

Our Nashville underground friends, JEFF the Brotherhood, continue to buck the system. They’ve cut ties with their major label and will release their next album, 'Wasted on the Dream', themselves via Infinity Cat. Hear the first single, “Black Cherry Pie”, complete with flute solo, on NPR. Now that’s fighting the system.

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New Music Tuesday #97 - Moon Duo

The cosmic two piece rise again with a new rolling repeat-rock song "Slow Down Low". Their next album 'Shadow of the Sun' reaches Earth in March via Sacred Bones Records.

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New Music Tuesday #96 - Wild Wild Wets

The long awaited release of layered, swirling, and bright San Diego Psych.

The sonic and surf solar systems have collided. Through that crack in the universe oozes a new age surf record from Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake. This visual vortex features Ricky Whitlock and Gavin Beschen piloting through the sound waves. Upon returning to land at Swami Records.

Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake "Brown Room" from Bryan Johnson on Vimeo.

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New Music Tuesday #91: Sleater-Kinney, "Surface Envy"

The Riot grrrls of Olympia, WA, Sleater-Kinney, have reunited after an 8 year hiatus. After multiple projects (Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia show for one) they return in their full feminist form. Their second single, "Surface Envy", is the perfect blend of Corin Tucker’s powerful howl and Carrie’s trebly, distorted guitar. Click to hear it on our favorite cloud.

Washington, DC based group Congo Sanchez, has drawn their line in the sand with today's release of their first full length album titled 'Dealin' With This'. This album is anything but your average radio loop, as it takes you through turmoil, protest, love, and life on the road. Spanning from funky dance breaks to dark hip-hop beats, and back to lounge based sambas, this album takes you on a ride. 'Dealin' With This' is available today on Herb Records, buy it here.:

Does Minneapolis minimalistic surf punk sound good? If you’re The Blind Shake it sure does. This fearsome 3-piece just released their latest raucous record, 'Breakfast of Failures' on Goner and it’s a burner. Listen to the song ‘Parachutes’ here...