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Tattoosday #27 - Mr. Tibs

Mr. Tibs Parise has been a 9er for over 10 years and is family for life! How's the double 9-Ball?!

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Tattoosday #26 - Jake's Road Rash

We aren’t sure if this is THE Jake, of the Jake’s Rash race, but we dig the ink and the flesh wound. Keep it up Jake!

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Gavin is Off the Wall!

Closing out Off The Wall with a couple corners, perfect for Gavin Beschen.

Full sequence here!:

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Welcome to the Team: Candice O'Donnel

We met Candice hanging around the shop in Hossegor, France, and thought she was awesome... then we saw her surf! Candice is exploding with style and flawlessly translates that to the asphalt. Look out for more good things coming from this girl!


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Tattoosday #25 - A Random Ecuadorian

Some random dude from Ecuador came up to Niner Jon Steele and said he liked his hat. Then he pulled up his shirt and showed Jon his ink, we appreciate that, down for life!

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Erica Hosseini takes APSS overall champ!

Erica took the girls down and showed she still has her competitive drive. We know ya’ll would like to see some other shots of her but imagine she is banana... or don’t. Congrats to Erica!

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Joel Tudor: "Slater wins super fight!"

Yes you heard it right. He took 2nd in the 2012 WCT but claims 1st place in the Slater vs Glaser super fight! Joel tells us that Slater was bummed on the loss at Pipe, so longtime friend Todd Glaser called him up to help him burn off some steam... and so the super fight was born. Thanks to Sunset Beach Jiu-Jitsu for the spot and as you can see Slater came out with a victory on this one.

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Santa's Twin Brother Victor, Skates!

Still rolling after all these years our North Pole connection, Victor Earhart, sat down with Concrete Wave for a look back in time. Victor started skating in Southern California back in 1954 and still frequents the same hills. Pick up this month's Concrete Wave for the whole article.