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Tattoosday #37: 9-Ball Bill

Meet 9-Ball Bill. He is arguably one of the biggest Sector 9 fans on the planet and is indefinitely part of the family! He spends his days helping troubled youths, while his downtime is spent on a skateboard or riding his bike across the AZ desert.  What will you be doing in your 70's?

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Tattoosday #36 – Eric Wagner

Another look back into the photo archives and we came upon Eric's awesome rendition of the Carvin' 9er. The Carvin' 9er is almost 20 years old, about the same age as Eric in this photo, and isn’t showing any signs of aging. Cheers to the land of the rising sun!

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Catalina Classic on Wheelbase

We are still reeling off a great weekend in Catalina. Thanks to the crew at Resource for a great event, and our boy Marcus Bandy at Wheelbase for the coverage.  The 9 crew was rolling deep all weekend and we were stoked to see Jomar make the finals. See you next year!

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Evelyn Abad at Lake Cunningham

Evelyn Abad is rad. If you see her at the skatepark you will quickly see how much she loves skating. On top of that... she rips! Here are a couple recent photos from Lake Cunningham park.

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Tibs Takes it to Tahiti

Mr. Tibs is on the move again. This time he is hanging out in Tahiti and showing the locals some Sector 9 style. He even found his way into the local newspaper.


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Tattoosday #35 - Florida 9-Ball

Another oldie, but still a goodie. This dude was ripping on his Sector 9 board when we met him, and then he flashed his 9-ball tattoo.... that folks is a lifer!

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Downhill Division on the Podium

Sector 9 was everywhere this last weekend. Micah Green took 2nd at Newton's Nation in Australia and Puerto Rican, Jomar Guzman, got third in the Catalina Classic. Downhill Division kicks off a nice start to the race season, congrats boys!

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Tattoosday #34 - Gavin Gets Pitted

A timeless likeness of Gavin Beschen skating a pintail through a dry barrel... Epic! This tattoo came to us a few years ago but is more than worthy of Tattoosday.