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Tattoosday #55 - Jacko's New Ink

We were wondering when we might see another Tattoosday, but we didn't expect it from our main man down under, Jackson Shapiera. If you didn't know already Jacko is a 9er for life... Now he has proof.

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Tattoosday #54 - Cameron Frazier

Meet Cameron, he is a long time friend of Sector 9 and a big supporter in the scene. We are proud to display his ode to downhill skateboarding. Bomb Hills Not Countries!

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Tattoosday #53 - Chandler Moncada

"Bomb Hills Not Countries", the legendary adage that surrounds what we all do and love. Thanks to Chandler Moncada for sharing our sentiment and keeping the spirit of downhill skateboarding alive for many years to come.

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Clark Little on Vice

Showing up in a Vice Magazine article or video can go both ways. Either you will be embarrassed for something you did, said, or wore, or you will be shown in a cool light for your art, music, or progression. Photography artist Clark Little most definitely gets the latter treatment. Vice’s Hi–Shredability showcases our friend Clark’s incredible shore break artwork from Hawaii, brah.

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Tattoosday #52 - Terrence Webb

Another pure 9-ball tattoo came to us a few weeks back by way of the interwebs... Thanks to Terrence Webb for sharing with us! If you have a Sector 9 tattoo and we don't know about it yet, send it over!

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Tattoosday #51 - Jessica Diaz

The Sssector 9 Sssnake will live forever on Jessica Diaz’s arm. Sssuch an honor.

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Tattoosday #50 - Skull & 9-Balls

Somehow we missed this tattoo in our archives. We cant recall who it is, but it was from the ASR tradeshow years ago. Anybody want to claim this beauty?

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Tattoosday #49 - Joey Crook

This past weekend we met Joey in Florida at Surf Expo. He was proudly rocking his 9-ball tattoo at the show and we are proud to share it with all of you. Joey's first board was a Sector 9, what was yours?