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Tattoosday #6 - We Forgot This Guys Name

But as you can see his tattoo is epic. This was a hand drawn graphic for a Sector 9 movie called Bomb Hills. This dude is a manager at Zumiez and one cool cat. We hope he sees this and gets ahold of us.

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Tattoosday #5 - Jamie Sherratt is a Redneck!

Sherratt has been riding and repping Sector 9 for over a decade. If your up in Vancouver and see you see a big guy in a big black truck doing big 360’s at Selyn, say hi to him.  He's a sweetheart on the inside...

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Danny Tumia Secures Modeling Gig

Stung in the cheek by a bee, then bit by a spider in the eye, and top it off with a shot of Liquor in the other eye on a dice loss. This is on the road with Tumia as he heads back from Austin, TX.

Skateparks, ghetto spots, and  a Newcastle to help the long drive. Skateboarding... live it!

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Tattoosday #4

We met this kid in front of K-Coast, MD a couple years back. Blind skateboards logo dude balancing on a 9 ball…amazing. And to top it off it looks as though Sean is Irish!

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This Just In!


Jen getting IN THE ZONE with some Arcade Fire on the headphones before winning her heat in the quarter finals of the Australian Longboard Open in Kingscliff, NSW this morning.

Wow, that's a mouthful.

Back to the beach...


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Tattoosday #3 - Spring Break

Spring Break is here and calf 9-Ball tattoos are the newest accessory. Thanks to our boy Supi Bhullar for the photo... now let us on you boat and pass the Coronas.

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Frontside Annie and a Backside Jen

Annie Sullivan landed in Oz and just met up with Jen Smith at Noosa Longboard Festival. Check back as the girls will be on a month long tour in Australia. Yew!!!

Frontside Annie

Backside Jen

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Nail the Trick, Take a Shot

The Danny and Tyler show in full effect, Las Vegas.