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Tattoosday #21 - Concert 9-Ball


Over this past weekend we attended the Slightly Stoopid concert in San Diego. Stoopidhead and 9er, Thomas Cleary, stopped by the 9-ball truck to show us this beauty that commemorates his late friend. Rock on Thomas!

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Sam Stinnett Claims Skimboarding World Title!

Sam massed enough points in Florida this weekend to seal the deal early and become the World Champ! Congrats kid!

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Heating Up at ECSC!

Round 2, and a solid crew at the Niner Tent!

At the end of the day we get thousands of kids to pick up all the trash on the beach, the ones with the most trash got some love from Sector 9!

Tudor gets weird...

Jen Smith tagging the locals.

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S9 in Virginia Beach

We headed out to support the East Coast Surfing Championships, and ran into these two Niners. More to come...

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Tattoosday #20 - A Whiskey Avenger

Kyle Santos of the Whiskey Avengers stopped by the Sector 9 tent to tell us a story that definitely involved some whiskey... and a hot coat hanger... and some friends you might not call friends in the morning.

Whatever the story, we think its rad!

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Dude Its Like 90...

Danny Tumia is in Sweden to compete in the Malmo Bowl Jam. We're not sure yet how he did, but we did get this epic picture of him this morning!


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Tattoosday #19 - Dudebro, 9er for Life!

Dudebro, had Big Jay of Vancouver fill in a little empty section on his arm with a big ol’ 9-ball.  Makes you want to get one too, huh kids?

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Sammy Stinnett On Fire, Wins Again!

"Sam Stinnett did it again last weekend winning the first ever Portuguese UST event and racking up his third win in only four events so far this season.  Sam could be on his way to the best UST season of all time as he has already tied last years record three wins in a single season, and we are just at the half way mark."

-United Skim Tour