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Big Wave Skiing - Crazy or Kooky?

Chuck Patterson has stunned the surfing world by skiing massive waves. What do you think, crazy or kooky?

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Bob Marley - 'Live Forever'

Bob Marley lives on in this monumental album release. 

Recorded 30 years ago while Marley was touring in support of his album Uprising, Live Forever is Bob Marley's last recorded concert. This never before released audio collection offers an incredible snapshot of one of music's most influential performers.

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Crossroads 2011 - Best Trick Contest

Epic showing at Crossroads 2011, many thank yous to Jamie Thomas and the Blackbox Crew!  Big ups to Manny Santiago for going home $4,000 richer, and a special 'Get Well Soon' to Aldrin Garcia who took one of the gnarliest slams we've seen in a while.

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Night Surfing at Jaws.... what?

Australian Big Wave surfer Mark Visser recently became the first person to ever surf Hawaii's most notorious wave, Jaws, at night!

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Join San Clemente's photographer/ filmmaker Jon Steele as he takes you through a typical day in his workflow. From sunup to sundown this hard working surf photographer shows you the ins and outs of a daily work day and the many hours it takes to nail the shots that make it to publishing and the web.  It's not all fun and games or an easy job by any means and is definitely a lifestyle portrayed differently than most take it to be. Follow Jon and his merry gang of athletes as they rip, tear and shred the day away in Orange County.
Video: Jon Arman

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New Zealand Update

Howdy Y’all, The New Zealand tour is rolling though new cities everyday hitting up hills, skateparks, and shops leaving the 9 ball stamp everywhere we can while documenting it all  (Oz and NZ videos/pictures). The skate community is strong, loyal, and rapidly growing in NZ.  On the first day I was rolling through town I randomly ran into a ripping pack of 10 grom skaters hitting up their local spot. They were overly ecstatic to get some stickers. We having been sessions everyday with the local groups and attending their events. In Wellington, the locals throw a race and 30 of us battled it out on a gnar hill while the rest watch (I got 1st). We are currently on the south island about to be the first skaters to bomb the luge track. The tour is getting coverage in many different areas and we are scheduled to have a segment on the Breakfast Show (biggest morning show in Nz). New Zealand, like Oz, has a very strong surf/skate lifestyle to the country. In comparison to  Oz it is just younger and less developed. Almost all of the local skaters buy their stuff though international online vendors to cater to there needs. Every place we stop the skaters are overly stoked just to get a sticker and join in on the session. Loading up the bus now to hit new hills. Thanks for holding it down back home guys!!!