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Excuse The Roach

Surfers everywhere flock to Hawaii during the winter for warmer waters and big swell. Harrison Roach is one of them and he makes it worth his time. From long barrels, to racing rights, nose-riding, and mini cover-ups, Harrison gets it all.

Excuse The Roach 3 - Hawaii from Andrew Gough on Vimeo.

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Guajataka With a Chance of Slides

We are proud to announce that little man Chance Gaul threw down in a big way at the Guajataka slide jam in Puerto Rico. His massive 360's off the launch ramps concreted his dominance among the field. Felizidades Chance!

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PDX Bread Bowl Sessions

When the Unheard Dist. team rolls into town the local boys come to destroy. PDX's Nick Peterson, Daniel Evans, and John Morgan get a beer soaked welcome from Tyler Martin, Shaun Ross, Elijah Anderson, Alan Young, Jake "Poptart" Welch, Keith Baldassare, and Todd Hallien.

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Typical Culture Turns 5

San Diego mag, Typical Culture, recently turned 5 and celebrated the occasion at the Bread Bowl. Beers and tacos were the appetizer, a grizzly bowl session for dinner, and the premier of TC's new film "Still VXing" was desert. Tyler Martin also came through landing some lofty hip tricks and primate rafter drops.

5 Years of T.C. At The Bread Bowl from TYPICAL CULTURE on Vimeo.

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Fall Lines with Tyler Gillingham

Fall for most people means the end of the skateboard season. Tyler Gillingham, Sector 9 Wheel Team rider, gets his lines before the Vancouver winter settles in.

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Jacko Thane Destroyer

Jackson Shapiera is an Aussie, a gentleman, adrenaline junkie, mustache grower, and to the dismay of skateboard wheels everywhere, a "Thane Destroyer"!  Watch him murder some urethane on a local Oz favorite.

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Oregon In The Flesh

Sector 9 Oregon riders Ross Druckrey and Harrison DePass take advantage of a cold, dry winter and do their thing on some Eugene, OR favorites.

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Sk8 Bus Escapes to CA

The PDX Sk8 Bus wasted no time packing Ross Druckrey, Troy "Turbo" Grenier, and the rest of boys in and heading south for some warmer weather. What better destination for some sunny parks and hills than Southern California?