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Sector 9 | Puerto Rico 2014

Guajataka 8 is a wrap. The Downhill Division embraced the island vibes, won the party, and found themselves laying in hammocks, drinking gasolina and mini Medallas, while still ruling every aspect of the event. Congrats to Chance Gaul, 1st in the Slide Jam; Mack Wacey, 2nd in Open; and Jackson Shapiera, 2nd in Slalom.

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David Langer Charges Massive Nazare

On David Langer's first trip to the renowned XXL wave at Nazare the surf gods heard his plea and opened the seas. While Nazare pioneer Garrett MacNamara and big wave charger Hugo Vau danced with giants Langer dipped into the barrel of the day.

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Product Guide: Mini Daisy

The highly anticipated release of the slimmed down Daisy from the Downhill Division lineup has hit the hill. The Mini Daisy, offspring of the versatile shape developed by Louis Pilloni, is the answer to any freerider’s preferred terrain.

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Circus Runs with Gabe Gwynne

Gabe Gwynne of Australia is a man of many talents. Circus tricks and fast skateboarding make for a healthy combination.

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Jacko cruises to the Western side of Oz and catches up with the 2013 Jack's Attack winner Jack Kent. Thats a lot of Jacks.

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Sam Stinnett Full Part

Have a look at Skim World Champ and 9er Sam Stinnett as he tackles any wave that gets close to shore. Beast mode!

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Skatesgiving: Soldiers of Downhill

Bombing through the back roads of Ohio is something the Skatesgiving boys look forward to every year. This time the podium was swept by the crew including the Downhill Division's Matt Kienzle and Louis Pilloni.

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Skatin' Them Woods

The Appalachian mountains are a storied and ancient part of the country that also have a stockpile of empty winding roads. Matt Kienzle finds a balance among the season's colors.