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Geiselman's Hawaiian Vacation

You might dream of being in Hawaii with your girlfriend... that could even happen. But, your girlfriend won’t be model Bree Kleintop and she won’t be filming you scoring big barrels and blasting full rotations. If you're Eric Geiselman then that’s exactly what happens.

Red Camera in Hawaii... NOT! (; from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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David Langer Charges Massive Nazare

On David Langer's first trip to the renowned XXL wave at Nazare the surf gods heard his plea and opened the seas. While Nazare pioneer Garrett MacNamara and big wave charger Hugo Vau danced with giants Langer dipped into the barrel of the day.

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Geiselmans in a Battle of the Brothers

Check the latest installment from Surfline that pits Eric and Evan against the Smith brothers in a photo/video blowout. Our money is of course on the Geisels. Crush em boys!!!

Full article:

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Joel Tudor is Supernatural

On a recent pilgrimage to New York, Pilgrim Surf managed to get Joel Tudor in a headlock long enough to dig into his mind and the history behind his legacy on the east and west coast.

"Supernatural is the only word that applies to Joel Tudor and his grace on a surfboard."
-Pilgrim Surf

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Geiselman: Varial to Fakie

Eric Geisleman takes the skate to surf with a perfectly executed Varial to Fakie in Hawaii.

See the full sequence on Surfline:

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Excuse The Roach

Surfers everywhere flock to Hawaii during the winter for warmer waters and big swell. Harrison Roach is one of them and he makes it worth his time. From long barrels, to racing rights, nose-riding, and mini cover-ups, Harrison gets it all.

Excuse The Roach 3 - Hawaii from Andrew Gough on Vimeo.

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Ornella Wins Roxy Surf Jam

A sunny day full of good vibes was just enough to get Ornella going and ultimately taking down the competition. Argentina on top of the Roxy Surf Jam! Congrats Ornella!

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Surfing Off Tacos With Eric Geisleman

Photographer Tom Carey captured this gravity defying sequence of Eric Geiselman surfing off taco calories down in Baja. Stab Magazine with the story.: